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Timberline provides our “complete service” for designing and building your envisioned project by partnering with our clients each step of the way, from the concept stage to developing the plans, obtaining permits and variances, engineering, excavation to the final finished product including services and landscaping. Timberline designs and builds all sizes of projects, including homes, cottages, renovations, additions, bunkies, garages, boathouses, docks and more. Recently introducing heavy equipment has expanded our services to site preparation, demolition, excavation, backfilling, road building, septic installation and landscaping, ultimately developing our clients projects from the ground up.

Our reputation and referrals help form a trust that brings the Timberline team and clients together to reach a common goal of a unique, quality build. We are constantly advancing our products and services, maintaining our focus on quality regardless of the size of project. Timberline exceeds the building code standards, to ensure that each project is energy efficient and dependable. Enrolled with Tarion Home Warranty since established in 1989, Timberline is still currently one of the few Tarion builders in the area, reassuring our clients that we stand behind our projects.

Timberline typically builds within 100kms radius of our office location in Woodview, expanding from the Township of North Kawartha, Selwyn, Douro-Dummer to Havelock-Belmont-Metheun which include towns/cities such as Apsley, Youngs Point, Woodview, Burleigh Falls, Buckhorn, Ennismore, Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Norwood, Peterborough, Havelock and more. You can observe the beautifully integrated workmanship of Timberline Custom Homes along the shorelines in the Kawartha Lakes. Although the majority of our projects are built along the shorelines, we are ready to design and build your dream project in the middle of the woods or a lot in town!

Our History

Originating from Northey Contracting Inc. established by Ray Northey in 1989 has lead to the well recognized Timberline Custom Homes. Beginning as a two man crew, Timberline has grown to employ 30 skilled workers between the office and field year round. We have long-term employees that have been with us for over 20 years, preserving our quality throughout the years. In 2004, Timberline expanded by building a 3200 sq ft shop to further offer services for millwork, wood work, preparing and pre-staining beams, flooring, exteriors, etc. for our projects. In 2014, Timberline built another 3200 sq ft shop to facilitate the housing and repair of our heavy equipment division. This allows us to keep more of our work in house and employ our operators’ year round performing maintenance.

In business for 30 years now, Timberline initially started and continues to expand our company with the assistance of referral business from previous clients and positive word of mouth, building for families and now generations. Successfully building over 200 projects in the Kawarthas and surrounding area, Timberline’s family atmosphere helps build a trust and long lasting relationships with our clients.

Timberline is a member of the Peterborough and the Kawarthas Home Builders Association, acting as a member to help promote other builders to work together in efforts to lift quality and respect of the trade. This also allows us to remain a recognized company within the association, making connections with other builders, sub-trades and suppliers. As well as a member of the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. Timberline is a leader in consistently supporting local businesses and our community while 80% of our products and services are from supporting local sub-trades and suppliers. We actively support local not-for-profit organizations in our community including, the North Kawartha Knights Hockey team, local Lake Associations, Lions Club, North Kawartha Foodbank, Community Care- Apsley, Legion, Optimist Club and various sports teams. 

Building With Nature

Timberlines slogan is “Building with Nature”, focusing on preserving the natural surrounding of the property when building a project. When looking at a potential job site, we consider how to position the building on the property to obtain the best views while still preserving the natural surroundings. Timberline accentuates the timber look in the majority of our projects by incorporating real timbers combined with false beam work. Although the timber work is not all completely structural, the results are the same desired look while most importantly, still maintaining our R2000 insulation values.

We encourage and direct our clients to purchase Canadian and environmentally friendly products such as natural wood products used for siding, soffit, finishes, etc. Timberline enforces recycling and reducing waste on job sites, by separating scrap wood, aluminum and garbage. We reuse the scrap wood from job sites to use in our outdoor wood stove to heat both of our shops, ultimately reducing heating costs and avoiding waste. We also use solar panels to generate hydro electric energy at our shop.

Our Team

Office Team

Ray Northey's Photo Coming Soon
Ray Northey
Owner, Designer and Sales

Team Member Since 1989

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Calli Northey's Photo Coming Soon
Calli Northey
Human Resources Generalist/Admin

Team Member Since 2014

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Bethaney Taylor's Photo Coming Soon
Bethaney Taylor
Human Resources/Workflow Coordinator

Team Member Since 2018

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Kristen Edge's Photo Coming Soon
Kristen Edge
Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

Team Member Since 2021

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Adam Leggett's Photo Coming Soon
Adam Leggett
Architectural Technologist

Team Member Since 2008

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Riley Martens's Photo Coming Soon
Riley Martens
Design Consultant & Architectural Technologist

Team Member Since 2018

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Robert Leslie's Photo Coming Soon
Robert Leslie
Construction Estimator/Quality Control

Team Member Since 2019

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Kyle Reyns's Photo Coming Soon
Kyle Reyns
Construction Estimator/Quality Control

Team Member Since 2016

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Kevin Grubb's Photo Coming Soon
Kevin Grubb
Construction Estimator/Quality Control

Team Member Since 2023

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Field Teams

Brian Rigden's Photo Coming Soon
Brian Rigden
Lead Carpenter

Team Member Since 1999

Chris Clouthier's Photo Coming Soon
Chris Clouthier
Lead Carpenter

Team Member Since 2005

Dave Young's Photo Coming Soon
Dave Young
Lead Carpenter

Team Member Since 2014

Andrew Wallachy's Photo Coming Soon
Andrew Wallachy
Lead Carpenter

Team Member Since 2021

Dakota Reynolds's Photo Coming Soon
Dakota Reynolds
Lead Carpenter
Timberline Custom Homes Team's Photo Coming Soon
Timberline Custom Homes Team

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2019 Custom Home 3001-5000 SF- OHBA Winner

Timberline received the winning award for Custom Home 3001-5000 SF at the Ontario Home Builders Awards of Distinction for our Horse Lovers Haven Home. We are incredibly proud of our Timberline Team and this remarkable home! 

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2019 Custom Home up to 3000 SF- OHBA Finalist

Although we didn't receive first place for our gorgeous Castle in the Woods, we are still gloating to be in the final 3 at the Ontario Awards of Distinction! 

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2018 Custom Home 5000-10,000 SF- OHBA Winner

Timberline was a proud recipient of the Ontario Home Builders Awards of Distinction 2018 for Custom Home 5000-10,000 SF. Collaborating with Hicks Design Studio who designed the Stoney Cove Lake House. Another remarkable project receiving the recognition it deserves. 

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2016 CHBA National Awards of Housing Excellence Finalist

After taking the win at the PKHBA and OHBA awards, Timberline decided to take the chance to submit our Rustic Stoney Lake Home in the CHBA National Awards of Housing Excellence. With over 700 submissions among 31 categories, Timberline placed as a finalist in the top 5 for Custom Homes- Detached Over 3,500 sq ft. Although we did not receive the win, this is an exceptional achievement for our company. 

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2016 Logix Award for Large Residential

Timberline is the recipient at the 2016 Logix Awards for Large Residential for our award winning Rustic Stoney Lake Home. This home is completely built with Logix ICF during one of the worst winters we've encountered in years. We are very thankful for the recognition Timberline has received.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2016 Readers' Select Awards- Gold

Timberline is surprised and excited to be voted Gold in the Home Builders Category in the 2016 Reader's Select Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and of course to our amazing clients, dedicated and skilled team of employees, suppliers and sub-trades.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Custom Home Builder of the Year- PKHBA

Timberline is overjoyed to announce that they have been recognized as the Custom Home Builder of the Year at the 2015 Peterborough and the Kawarthas Housing Design Awards. Always looking for ways to advance ourselves from the competition, Timberline strives to exceed quality standards while being more efficient or effective. Supporting local suppliers and sub-trades, not-for-profit organizations in our community and keeping a close knit relationship with the Township allows Timberline to stay involved in our local community. Offering a wide range of services and our "complete service" differs us from other builders. Always willing to take on challenges, from small to large projects, Timberline is committed to building our clients vision.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Most Outstanding Custom Home Over 5,001 SF- OHBA Winner

Timberline Custom Homes won the award for Most Outstanding Custom Home (Over 5001 sq ft) at the 2015 Ontario Home Builder Awards of Distinction! We couldn't be more proud of this extremely unique and amazing project and our Timberline team.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Outstanding Business Achievement (Tied)

Timberline tied as the winner for the 2015 "Outstanding Business Achievement" Award from the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce. What an accomplishment!

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Custom Built Home Over 2,501 SF- PKHBA

Timberline is the winner of the Custom Built Home Over 2501 sq ft at the 2015 Peterborough and the Kawarthas Housing Design Awards. This home is truly one of a kind, preserving the natural 8 acre lot of majestic forestry and the formation of rock, this home is positioned precisely to endorse the gorgeous lakefront point. Built completely with ICF, reclaimed barn board and tin, stone walls and the hand burnt bold beams are just a few of the extraordinary requests our wonderful clients had to make this project so unique. After winning for Most Outstanding Custom Home over 5001 sq ft at the Ontario Home Builders Awards of Distinction, it wouldn't seem possible to not win this!

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Home Renovations $75,001-$200,000- PKHBA

Timberline won the award for Home Renovations $75,001-$200,000 at the 2015 Peterborough and the Kawarthas Housing Design Awards, the second award won for this beautiful cottage. This basement renovation was simple but enough to freshen up the remainder of this cottage to blend with the previously renovated main floor and entry by Timberline. Eliminating the long dark hallway and adding sliding barn doors custom made in our wood-working shop allowed more light. Custom cupboards and shelves were added to most areas in the basement, providing more room for storage and less clutter. Modernizing lighting fixtures, insulation and trim made this renovation a breath of fresh air.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2015 Home Renovations Over $200,001- PKHBA

Timberline was the winner of Home Renovations Over $200,001 at the 2015 Peterborough and the Kawarthas Housing Design Awards. This renovation/addition was successful in meeting the client's vision of a more contemporary design rather than traditional cottage design. Features added such as the screened porch with bi-fold doors that open to the cottage, sloping flat trusses, custom made paddle railing in our wood-working shop make this cottage outstanding.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2014 Any Room in the House- PKHBA

Timberline won the "Any Room in the House" (including outbuildings) at the Peterborough & the Kawarthas Home Builders Awards of Distinction 2014, for a gorgeous rustic boathouse, the first phase of an amazing project to be built.

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2013 Best Kitchen Renovation- PKHBA

Timberline received the "Best Kitchen Renovation" for this gorgeous modern kitchen. 

Timberline Custom Homes Award

2013 Best Internet Website- PKHBA

Timberline received the award for "Best Internet Website" at the Peterborough & the Kawarthas Home Builders Awards. We've worked hard to showcase our teams amazing talent- and we are honoured to be rewarded for it.  

Common questions

Please Contact us if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • What area do you build in?

    Timberline is located and primarily builds in the Kawartha Lakes region on Ontario, Canada. We typically provide our services surrounding Apsley, Buckhorn, Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Peterborough, Havelock, Norwood, Burleigh Falls and Woodview.

    Common lakes that you can notice our remarkable projects along the shorelines are; Jacks Lake, Koshabog Lake, Big Cedar Lake, Julian Lake, Eels Lake, Lovesick Lake, Anstruther Lake, Chandos Lake, Buckhorn Lake, Loon Lake, Belmont Lake, Chemong Lake, Rice Lake, Mississauga Lake, Gold Lake, Kathewanooka Lake, Catchacoma Lake and noteably Stoney Lake. Although we generally build in these areas, we are not limited to them and may expand our range.

  • What type of home is a Timberline Custom Home?

    Timberline builds more than just homes, we design and build custom homes, cottages, renovations, additions, boathouses, garages, bunkies, docks, and more of all sizes. Each project is completely custom to your own personal needs and requests. We provide our own expertise to assist you in designing your ultimate dream project- any style, any size! If you have been working with an architect, we would be delighted to work with them as well. Timberline accentuates the timber look in all the majority of our projects incorporating real timbers combined with false beam work throughout the interior and exterior. Although the timber work is not all completely structural, the results are the same desired appearance.

  • Is a Timberline home expensive?

    We pride ourselves at Timberline in providing the best quality-built custom projects with top-notch services. We keep value-for-money in mind when assisting you in your finishing choices throughout your entire project and will find our pricing fair. If you decide to build with Timberline, you will receive a detailed contract outlining each stage of the build. There a many variables when discussing the cost of a project. You have control of your final cost with the decisions of products and materials that you select for your dream project. It is easy to go over budget, with our assistance we do our best to help ensure you remain within your budget while achieving the same desired look. Timberline has no hidden fees and we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. Let us prove it to you.

  • What is your square foot price?

    At Timberline we don't provide an initial square foot price as it can be misleading. Each project is unique and requires special consideration. Given that all Timberline projects are custom, is it important to have an initial consultation to distinguish your tastes and lifestyle needs. After an initial consultation you will be receive a rough estimate. It is important to have a final design before providing a final price.

  • At what point do I have to pay any money?

    Timberline's initial consultation is always free. You can visit us at our office or we can visit your potential building site to discuss your ideas and vision.

    If you would like to proceed with Timberline sketching a rough design, we will require a small fee in relation to the size of your project.

  • Are you comfortable building on challenging terrain (ie. rock)?

    We have experience building on all types of terrain, rock and challenging lots- it's what makes Timberline stand out above the competition.

  • How soon can you build?

    Physical building can proceed within a month of drawings and permit completion depending on the season and weather.

  • How long does it take to build a Timberline home?

    Once the custom design of your Timberline project has been completed, you can expect 4 months to 1 year dependant on the size, detail and weather conditions of your project. Your final finishing decisions throughout the project also have an impact on the length of your project.

  • What if something goes wrong during or after my project?

    Timberline is in great standing with Tarion Home Warranty since established in 1989. We have built our reputation on referrals and positive word of mouth and we continue to grow on that fundamental. Timberline will not disappear or ignore any issue that may arise during or after your project.

    We continue to serve any previous clients when they need us resulting in repeat and referral business.

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Building with Nature.


Since 1989.