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Explore our wide variety of projects and models.

Timberline Models

Timberline is always designing new projects, from bunkies to homes and cottages. We offer our design models to assist you with ideas and direction, in hopes of customizing your dream project as effortless as possible. Our designs and plans can be modified to suit your aspirations or one of them could be your dream project. Peruse through our projects and take note of any aspects that catch your attention, it could be the beginning stage of your next project.  

Our models can be built as shown or customized to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Oxford Garage
The Buckhorn
The Young
Elliot Boathouse
The Ennismore
The Marshall
The Davis
Hawkins West
Douro-Dummer, ON
The Fraser
The Worrell
Hawkins East
Douro-Dummer, ON
The Regant
The Claraday
The Basswood
Otter Boathouse
The Black Oak
Hull's Garage
The Balsam Fir
The Manitoba Maple
The Black Cherry
Bishop Bunkie
The Bear Ridge
The Gilchrist
The Birchview
The Red Oak
The Red Maple
The Jack Pine
Reid Garage
The Eastern Hemlock
The Aspen
The Julian
Farmhouse 2
The Round House
Farmhouse 3
The Hillside
The Silver Maple
The Timberwood
The Hawthorn
The Ironwood